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Kastrup Tværvej E.
Varegård Øst.
2770 Kastrup
CvR.: 31 25 84 48


Arbejdernes Landsbank (afd. Kastrup)
Kastrupvej 100 – 2770 Kastrup

Konto nr.: 53240317021
Iban nr.: DK4753240000317013



Copenhagen Transport & Warehouse Logistic

Copenhagen Transport & Warehouse Logistic

CTWL ApS (Rent House) is a 100% family owned company, established in 1988 with focus on cleaning and service. Over time, transport tasks and package travel took place at the repertoire, and in 2006, at the request of both CPH and the businessmen in the terminal area, Copenhagen Airport became the base for the company’s future operations.

In 2008, the cleaning part was sold and the company is today known as:

Product receipt

and deals solely with transport tasks, package delivery and freight handling inside and outside the airport. We are a company in rapid development, with 9 employees and over 90 regular customers. (more than 120,000 shipments annually.)

CTWL offers all types of transport and freight handling tasks within:

Building Materials
store Inventory
Express and courier driving
Internal transport
Daily goods receipt
Waste management
Reception and sending
External transport to both home and abroad.


CTWL ApS wishes to be the customer’s preferred transportation and logistics partner, with a high level of service and extremely competitive prices.


CTWL ApS makes it easy for the customer to receive goods, using our qualified employee.

CTWL ApS is at the forefront of the continually tightened safety rules that apply to freight handling at the airport.

We have developed special material for goods receipt of the different types of shipments that may arrive, so each shipment can be smoothed by the ever-expanded security check as it is at the airport.

In addition, we have developed an electronic receiver system so we can easily track all shipments on the shipping company’s shipping number.

Important information about rules and regulations

Below you can find all our important information in pdf, about shipping, goods receipt and general rules in CPH. If you have further questions, you are welcome to contact us on

phone: 2097 7717

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